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About NM-MVH

New Market Middletown Valley Hounds prides itself in offering good sport to seasoned foxhunters as well as mentoring newcomers to our sport. Our meets usually consists of three fields First flight is a fast jumping group. Second flight is equally as fast but does not jump more than the occasional optional log. Third flight for those who want to enjoy following the hounds and riding through beautiful countryside at a more relaxed pace.

The New Market-Middletown Valley Hounds offers several membership packages to accommodate all ages, financial considerations, and personal interests in the sport of foxchasing.We offer flexible payment options with no initiation fee.

Membership Categories

Individual Membership Full hunting,voting and social privileges.

Family Membership Full hunting, voting and social privileges for you and all members of your immediate family.

Young Adult Individual between the ages of 18-27 who does not qualify for a student membership. All hunting and social privileges..

Student Membership Full hunting and social privileges offered to all full time students at a greatly reduced membership fee. We have students riding out in all three flights.

Weekday Membership Enjoy weekday hunting along with full social privileges.

Associate Membership Full hunting privileges to individuals who are full members in good standing with another hunt recognized by the MFHA.

Limited Membership An individual entitled to participate in a total of six hunts which may include opening hunt and closing hunt, not to include holiday or joint-hunt meets with this exception, such a member may use one of their six hunts to hunt one holiday, bye-day or home joint meet (at Masters' discretion) paying difference between regular cap fee and "special event" cap fee. This membership reviewed annually, ten such memberships will be available per year and may have a two year limit which may be extended at the discretion of the Hunt Committee.**May upgrade membership during the season paying appropriate fees. Full social privileges. Must always report to the Field Secretary.

Social Membership For those individuals or families interested in the success of NM-MVH and enjoy following hounds by car and participating in our social activities.

Overview of

NM-MVH Hunter Pace
Annual Meeting/Pot luck Dinner
Spring HP Series

Spring HP Series (continues)
NM-MVH Trail Rides begin –
Hound Shows

NM-MVH Trail Rides (continue)

Annual Horse Show
NM-MVH Trail Rides (continue)
Summer Hound Walking & Dinner

NM-MVH Trail Rides (continue)
Mounted Hound Roading

Cubbing thru Sept. & October
on Thursday & Sunday
Annual Sporting Clay Shoot
Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Harrisburg Hunt Night
Cubbing continues thru Oct.

Opening Breakfast
Opening Hunt and Blessing of Hounds
Marlborough Bowl
Hunting (continues thru March)
Thanksgiving Hunt & Stirrup Cup

Hunting (continues thru March)
Christmas Bazaar
Boxing Day Meet
Spontaneous Hound walk/breakfast
@ club when weather forces hunt cancellation

Hunting (continues thru March)

Hunt Ball and Silent Auction
Closing Meet

Interested in learning more about becoming a member?
We would love to talk to you.

Contact our membership chairman, Lora Kutteroff
For details on the pricing of each membership level please click on our Membership Application

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